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NWEMS independant ambulance service provide a range of vehicles and staff to suit our clients needs. Ambulance services can be provided for all eventuality's, escalating in the type of care and staff that are required for any event or call.   Ambulance Vehicles are available 24 Hrs a day and can be on the road within minuets if required.    All vehicles are kitted to full A+E standards and staffed with the appropriate crew depending on the purpose of operation. NWEMS ambulances are fitted with up to date communication and GPS mobilising systems to ensure all calls are handled promptly with the utmost diligence no matter where the vehicle may be.

Close up view of an ambulance bonnet.


It is always a very stressful position to be in if you or someone you love takes ill in another country.

NWEMS independent ambulances are available to provide air side repatriation form any UK airport. Bookings can be made in advance or as an urgent case if such situation ever arises. Contracts are also available to insurers and NHS providers for this purpose if required.

All staffing and vehicles for this type of work meet full urgent ambulancetransport standards and can accommodate the patients own life support equipment if required. More importantly our qualified staff will ensure that your connection is as stress free as possible

Yellow emergency ambulance waiting outside the fusalage of an aeroplane on a runway. signifies a medical repatriation


Routine or planned patient ambulancetransport is a very important part of many peoples lives and can mean the difference between independence or isolation. Here at NWEMS our core values represent the fact that there is no such thing as a Routine journey.

Ambulance Vehicles and staff are available by pre planning or at short notice if required. Contract work from NHS and other support services is also available by request. NWEMS can support any individual need as all care will be pre planned to provide the best possible service to fit our clients .

2 Ambulance staff 1 male and 1 female pushing a wheelchair into the back of a patient transport ambulance


Demand on health services over the last few years has increased, with no sign of going any other way. This means that Allocation of NHS resources is changing to reflect these demands and As such has revolutionised how some urgent care services are provided.

NWEMS can provide a full range of urgent care ambulance vehicles and staff grades to meet demands. These can be provided as a planned  contracted agreement or on an ad hoc basis if required.

All staff and vehicles meet current NHS Critical care standards including medications and equipment carried. For more information on these services please feel free to contact us using the form below alternatively feel free to use the 24 Hr contact number if a more prompt response is required.

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