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NWEMS Night-Life Medical Services

Providing  Safer Night Time Entertainment Experiences.

Reducing Pressure On NHS Services At Times Of Peak Demand.

Providing A Viable And Affordable Medical Solution For Your Clients

Car on its roof diagram of a vehicle extrication
3 people in shadow at the top of a mountain effecting a rope rescue
2 people in a river one rescuing the other. both in full rescue ppe

NWEMS can provide single or multiple crews offering affordable specialised night club medical cover.

This is increasingly becoming a very popular addition to Club teams as this reduces the impact on NHS Ambulance attendance at venues during peak times of the week whilst people are enjoying a night out.

Not only does this provide a reassurance to clients it also provides evidence of compliance to licencing.

NWEMS "Night-Life" Medical staff are fully trained and experienced in providing care to people in a night out setting. Training in conflict resolution, Drug & Alcohol awareness and The ever changing so Called Legal high is provided as a minimum.

An NWEMS "Night-Life" Medics will  provide high tier medical provision and emotional assistance to clients requiring it, thus reducing hospital admissions and an overall negative community and business impact from Night Time Entertainments.

NWEMS "Night-Life" Medics can be provided on an Ad-Hoc basis or long term contract Uk Wide.



As With the above NWEMS "Night-Life" Medics can be provided for a number of venues in one go or as a full street medical service for an area or District.

Vehicles and Ambulances can also be provided as a full static or roaming response to incidents within an area of cover thus reducing the overall impact on NHS services and providing a safer area for enjoyment.

Rear of a car with a rescuer cutting one of the roof pillars with hydraulic cutters


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