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This new and exciting modular course has been specifically designed by Health Care Professionals for individuals aspiring to or currently working within an independent Pre-Hospital Care environment where as part of their role would be required to provide Higher tier levels of emergency care and assessment to patients on a regular basis.

As of  2015 The IHCD De-Regulated their NHS Ambulance Technician accreditation Leaving a gap in skills within the emergency ambulance sector. routes available for NHS ambulances now more than often have only 2 routes. Ether to qualify as a paramedic usually 3 years full time study or to become an assistant.

This course has been designed to bridge the gap left between the ECA and Paramedic role encompassing all of the Ambulance Technician knowledge including new additions of cutting edge trauma and critical care practice thus providing higher levels of skill to crews not staffed by a paramedic.

Although this standalone course wold not at present allow direct entry into an NHS ambulance service this would however demonstrate good learning and organisational skills to progress on to such courses.  within the ever growing independent sector this course would up skill personnel  and assist in raising independent standards of care putting it on par with NHS counterparts.


The Ambulance Critical Care Technician Course has been professionally created by experienced health care professionals to provide a full and in depth platform to attaining the skills and knowledge required to provide Emergency Pre-Hospital Care. The course has been specially written to encompass a high level of 'Trauma awareness including the full curriculum of Ambulance Technician study. To attain full accreditation you will have to complete all 8 modules and online exams. Once completed the final step will be to attend our training centre for a 2 day practical Skills and assessment block. This course can also be completed as standalone CPD or theory certificates for a portfolio on a unit basis.

At the end of each module you will be directed to complete an online multiple choice exam when with a successful pass on completion, you will be able to Attain your certificate for that particular module. This is included in the cost of the module and will aid in building a portfolio of evidence. 

Further Modules will be available  on successful completion starting with module 1 through to Module 8 and at this time to complete the full accreditation you will be required to attend a 2 day instruction and assessment block to underpin your knowledge with the required practical skills. Following on from this stage it is advised that a 240 hours of clinical skills assessment is sought under supervision of a clinical mentor. Logs for theses skills are provided and Verified by NWEMS on completion prior to provision of the final certificate.


Course Title:- Ambulance Critical Care Technician  (NW-ACCT) 

Course Code:- NW-ACC 

Duration:- Eight Units of self led Pre-Study, Followed by 2 days Practical Skills instruction in the training & assessment centre.  

Cost:- £59.00 Per unit.

Accreditation:- (NWEMS ACC) Valid upon CPD

Pre-qualifications:- None 

Home Pre-Study Time Required:- Eight Units And Eight Online Assessments.

Further Study:- 2 Days Practical Skills & Instruction At NWEMS Training Centre.

Clinical Skills:- 240 Hours Under Mentor Supervision.

Date:- Courses run all year and as this is a flexible course it can be taken in your own time at a pace of your choice by purchasing a unit at a time.

Expected Completion Time;- 3 to 6 Months Blended

For more information please fill out an enquiry form below stating the course code, or alternatively you can contact us directly.


MODULE 1:-  Introduction To The Body For Pre-Hospital Care Providers

MODULE 2:-  Examination And Assessment Of A Patient

MODULE 3:-  Clinical Diagnostics And Conditions

MODULE 4:-  Clinical Procedures And Patient Handling

MODULE 5:-  Cardiac Monitoring & Curculatory Emergencies

MODULE 6:-  Trauma And Critical Care

MODULE 7:-  Medications Administration, And Assisting The Health Care Professional.

MODULE 8:-  Care Pathways And Regulations for A Pre-Hospital Care Provider.

PRACTICAL STAGE:-  2 Day Clinical Skills Instruction  Block At The Training And Assessment Centre

ASSESSMENT STAGE:-  240 Hours Clinical Skills And Final Assessment.


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What You Will Need To Complete One Of Our Courses 

1. Access to the internet somewhere quiet is recommended.

2. A valid email address for contact.

3. A willingness to succeed!!

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