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 Nationwide Emergency Medical Services Ltd.

NWEMS provide a range of services to industry and the private sector providing medical cover, Ambulance & First Aid Cover solutions to suit individual requirements. It is not enough to just to  provide medical cover, at NWEMS staff recognize the need for total compliance to HSE, CQC & other compliance regulating bodies that govern the independent ambulance sector.  NWEMS prides itself to be able to provide all packages from the outset starting with the planning and risk assessments required to give total piece of mind for a quality professional service.

                                                                  Event Medical Festival Cover

NWEMS are able to provide event medical cover to any size of event anywhere within the UK. The event industry has grown over the last 2 years and NWEMS understand the importance of providing the right package to suit individual requirements All staff are fully vetted and quality assessed to maintain the highest possible standard of clinical care. 

                                                                         Ambulance Services

NWEMS maintain a range of vehicles starting from marked response cars, 4x4 Ambulance rescue vehicles right up to fully A+E Staffed and equipped emergency ambulancesServices provided include urgent and non-urgent event cover, Full A+E transport and planned patient centerd journeys. Equipment carried on all vehicles is to the highest possible standard of patient care. All vehicles are GPS enabled, equipped with specialist mobilizing and communication equipment to ensure all calls are handled promptly with the appropriate resource available 24 hours a day 365 days of the year 

Production Unit TV And Fillm Medics

NWEMS provide production and unit medics to the TV and film industry. Over the years NWEMS staff have worked on some very high profile shoots gaining us much experience in this industry. Packages can be provided for short or long term contact staffing is tailored to suit individual requirements including dual rescue and technical advisory if required. 

First Aid & Pre Hospital Training

Training is one of the most important factor in anyone’s career. NWEMS provide Full packages that can be tailored to individuals and groups in a range of subjects from First Aid in the workplace to extended medical training courses to meet bespoke industry requirements. All of our training staff are highly skilled and motivated individuals with only one goal in mind, facilitating Success"

NWEMS Major Incident React Project

React is a volunteer project Started and partly funded by NWEMS and stands for "Reserve, Emergency, Ambulance, Crisis, Team" The inspiration for this project was when NWEMS provided an ambulance to assist with the tragic search for April Jones. This highlighted to us the strains placed on public services due to growing demands and that in times of national emergency or crisis resources are in short supply. Our aim with this project is to not only offer our self funded services to UK Crisis or Disaster but to build a network across the country with the ability to assist our fellow citizens and emergency service workers in times of high demand. REACT will respond by request to any national crisis or emergency providing staff and assistance in those precious hours of need. 

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